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Recently, more and more gray bears on the Immortal Plateau are becoming possessed with the evil spirit of Kasha, the spirit of death and decay. Seer Tanapi worries about this and explains that the gray bear is originally the protective totem of the Hestui Orc tribe, and asks the player to bring death to the possessed gray bears and put them to rest. While hunting kasha gray bear totems, the player will confront Kasha's Spirit. Defeat the spirit and bring back proof to Seer Tanapi.

Name: Totem of the Hestui Last Update: C5
NPC Start: Tanapi Thanks to: gloomex
Level: 12
Reward: Leather Pants / 5500a
Location: Orc Village
Type: Repeatable.   Solo
Races: Orc
Classes: All

This quest dont have information, please, Help L2inside to fill this quest!





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