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Quest to acquire occupation change item, 'Mark of Glory.' Prefect Vokian says in order to survive the Chaotic Chronicle, the Orcs must unify all of their tribal kingdoms. If you can subjugate each Orc tribe while representing the Lord, you shall receive the Mark of Glory. However, to become representative to the Lord, you must defeat the manashen, the tyrant, and the guardian basilisk as a test, and retrieve ten items from each.

Name: Test of Glory Last Update: C5
NPC Start: Vokian Thanks to: Mame
Level: 37
Reward: Mark of Glory, 16 Dimensional Diamonds, 91,457exp and 2500sp
Location: Giran Castle Town
Type: One time only.   Solo
Races: Orc
Classes: All

This quest dont have information, please, Help L2inside to fill this quest!





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