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A ceremony for Shilen and Gran Kain will be held soon in the Dark Elven Village. Before the ceremony there is a hunt for wild animals for the offering, called Shilen's Hunt. If you can hunt brown keltirs and ashen wolves during Shilen's Hunt, you will earn Dark Bezoars. Collect thirteen and bring them to Sentry Nelsya. You will earn the award for the winner of the hunt.

Name: Shilen's Hunt Last Update: C3
NPC Start: Nelsya Thanks to: The programmer
Level: 3
Reward: 5 Lesser Healing Potions, 1000 Exp
Location: Dark Elven Village
Type: One time only.   Solo
Races: Dark Elf
Classes: All

This quest dont have information, please, Help L2inside to fill this quest!





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